Guerrilla Warfare, In the Government?

In the movie The Patriot, we are shown how Guerrilla warfare turned the tides against the British military. Ambushes, supply chain attacks, blockades. It’s all about breaking the rules of engagement. I’ve been following some policy changes with the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms agency) and how they are taking it upon themselves to reclassify items that have already been classified by established law, like the NFA (National Firearms Act) of 1934. Usually government Institutions must follow their laws and bi-laws or else oversight committees will penalize them and remove bad actors from the institution. Or will they?

What If I Told You Tyrants Exist?

What if I told you our very own government has been engaging in Guerrilla style tactics against its own law abiding citizens? Of course that would mean I’m suggesting parts of our government are being ran by tyrants. Furthermore it would mean I’m an idiot for saying so on a blog, on the internet, where it will be memorialized in and other backup files across the web… not a smart move, if it’s true.

The Political Blame Game

Well, it’s definitely true. To be fair, both Democrats and Republicans feel the same way about tyranny being present in our current government. Democrats think DeSantis is a tyrant, and Republicans think Newsom is a tyrant. There’s a lot of polarized views out there. But politics has always been nasty. One party will get dirt on the other and expose it at a strategical moment in the other’s campaign. It’s not decent, it’s manipulative to the constituents of each party. That being said, it’s how it goes with most political races.

Enter The Governmental Overlords

But what about the parts of Government that aren’t blowing up your phone to donate to a campaign, what about the institutions that we don’t vote on? How does our everyday quietly running institutions engage in Guerrilla warfare against us citizens? They often do it without oversight, and have been cheating the system by making rules that act as laws, where Congress never even gets to vote on them. Rules that ambush law abiding citizens who don’t see eye-to-eye with their governmental overlords, and citizens don’t have a say in the matter because there’s no way to vote on the issues. Unconstitutional tyranny, if ever. Our only recourse is to sue these institutions and get the courts involved.

Government Regulatory Departments Need To Change

Consider government institutions like the DOE, CDC, DOJ, ATF, EPA, etc… When they decide to break the rules, create new rules and then enforce them as law, go around getting court permission to spy, or disregard your privacy in any way, we are faced with an institution that is enacting in Guerrilla warfare tactics against you. Is this law and order? Or is this tyranny, being carried out by Guerrilla warriors in our government. If the people can’t vote all on the rules (treated as laws), then the government is breaking the rules of engagement (the Constitution). Make sure you are voting for representatives who understand this issue and say they will help put a stop to it.

Update, 07/20/2022:

A recent example of the EPA trying to implement its tyrannical rules, yet getting slapped down by the Supreme Court (Yay!):