About Adam

I’m embracive of creativity, diy’ers, self-made efforts, big family, Jesus, worship, web design, patriotism, true conservatism (exercising my God given & American rights of religion, free speech, self preservation and protection for myself and my community), capitalism, philanthropy, the patriarchy, 2 sex/gender ideology (God made male and female, that’s the extent of it), absolute truth, relationships.

Keep’n It Real and Stuff…

I reject and will exclude pornography, abortion, homosexuality, gender dysphoria, transgender dysphoria, violence, bullying, self harm, liars lies and lying, theft, alcoholism and drug abuse, forms of indecency, “critical race theory”, “unconscious bias”, forced vaccination/medicine/procedures/supplements, propaganda when identified, misdirection methods used to obscure or distract from important topics of awareness.

Jesus is the Way

Morals are the pillar to a person’s character (Jesus is the corner stone, the Way in which we learn and obtain the best moral way). If a person has poor morals, it affects their character and degrades their usefulness on society and the relationships the person holds. We should all strive uphold our morals, to build our character, and to love others. This should result in us being useful people, having the ability to help those in need, especially the widows and the orphans, the kingdom of God, and the lost.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about me. I look forward to learning more about you! Feel free to send me a message using the form below to start a conversation. For more thoughts, opinions, projects, and motivation please read some of the articles on this website!


If I rejected something you’re about, and you are offended, just know I love you regardless and it’s ok that I don’t believe in what you value. Use the form below if you’d like to talk about it.