Public Confidence

Adam N' Pitch
Adam N' Pitch
Public Confidence

To whom, when, and where does public confidence matter? In the United States of America, We the People recognize our rights. Well, some of us do. Others have been educated poorly by the DOE (yes, I’m calling you out, public education system) and lack knowledge of history. There is also an evident lack of value in our God given rights. The Constitution of The United States and the first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, confirm our rights and freedom. These established documents aim to keep us free, and control our ever expanding government.

Administrative Government Regulating Your Rights

However, there are bureaus and departments of our federal government that are now established entities that were not elected by the people, but put into place by our government officials (DOE, CDC, DOJ, ATF, EPA, etc…). Be aware that Administrative Government is being used to regulate your rights away. Administrative Government is ran by people who are appointed by the Executive Branch (the President and Congress), not voted on by the people. We the People are excluded from having control over the Administrative Government. More and more these departments are running without oversight, or ignore oversight requests. This is a problem, because “for the people by the people” only works when the people are in charge. Ask any person if they feel they are in charge, there’s a very select few who would say they feel in charge. Who are those select few? I’ll give you a hint, our taxes pay for their mansions and estates as they lord over us.

Has Government Become Too Large?

In my opinion, the government has become too large and the people have become complacent, or lazy. What’s worse is these politicians tell us “It’s ok, we have your safety, and best interests in mind. Relinquish your rights and everything will be ok. You can have confidence in us”. Confidence that they will help you get a great education. And confidence that an amazing liberal arts career will help you do so much for your community. Sarcasm*.

Public Confidence Should Not Be A Metric

Should we care how confident others are in our ability to exercise our God given rights? Is it any business of theirs? I don’t think so. Public confidence is not a metric to evaluate the limit of an individual’s freedom. You should never have to prove yourself to exercise your rights, or even your preferences. You should only be limited after you have failed to conduct yourself in a safe manner and/or are found inept in your discernment, on a case by case basis.

The “Public” Needs To Back Off!

It shouldn’t matter if the “public” (the elected city/state/federal officials, not your actual neighbors and friends) are confident in your efforts to work on your house, modify your car, customize a trailer, build a shed, recreationally fly a drone over your land, use public radio wavelengths, collect water, and carry for self protection… it shouldn’t matter how confident the public is in your ability to do anything. Let’s fight “Public Confidence” as a metric to limit your rights, they need to go mind their own business.