My EDC (Everyday Carry)

I remember when I was first asked “Do you EDC?”. I’m pretty sure it was phrased just like that. I was confused, slightly annoyed that someone asked me if I [acronym]. I reluctantly responded “What is EDC?”, to which the gentleman smiled and excitedly explained the acronym. All is forgiven, it turns out the gentleman who asked me was just a nerd.

What is Everyday Carry?

So what is EDC and why does it have an acronym? EDC means Everyday Carry. According to the infallible Wikipedia it means:

Everyday carry (EDC) or every-day carry is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day.

– Wikipedia

As for how it became an acronym, I’m not sure. But there’s a lot of money spent on EDC items, and so it has become a lucrative category of items to produce and sell. Common items consist of:

  • Knives (often boutique or high-end brand knifes)
  • Fancy wallets
  • Key chains and lanyards
  • Multitools
  • Pocket pry-tools (to avoid chipping the tip off your expensive knife… which is only used to open boxes and definitely never used for bushcraft)
  • Accessories like expensive flashlights and watches (some guys swear by having a Rolex so you can trade it for a car if you ever get stuck in a third world country)
  • Pens (like bullet proof, bolt action, or combat capable pens)
  • Fidget toys…

Getting Into Everyday Carry

I don’t know how to express my excitement and disappointment with the EDC market. I want it all, and I’m disgusted by that. It’s like some form of materialism that promises me I’ll become a better man for owning all the things. But honestly, I don’t need the lot of it. Have I bought into it, do I EDC? Yes.

I have a few items from the bullet points above, but not a Rolex… I have a conservative few items. I haven’t purchased anything I’m embarrassed of owning, even tho I want some embarrassingly expensive items. Of the items I own, I daily use half of them. I use a tiny 180 lumen flashlight almost everyday. My knife mostly cuts boxes, but it’s not a boutique expensive knife (it is Made In USA with American sourced materials tho). I have a few keychains and lanyards I swap out now and then. At the end of the day, I recognize it’s a collectors hobby.

Hobby aside, there is a mindset about being prepared and being ready for anything that is part of EDC. First responders usually have some form of EDC that’s integrated into their uniform. LEOs usually have need for several items that are in the EDC scope. One could argue first-aid and self defense are the original build out of EDC items. On this note, I would encourage anyone to be prepared for some first-aid and self defense scenarios. People get hurt or ambushed everyday, so you should have the proper items on you and know how to use them.

What’s my EDC?

Every morning when I get ready for the day I fill my pockets with the following. At first it was fun, then it began to feel like a lot, but the first time I needed my Knipex I was stoked to have them. Here’s my EDC:

  • Kershaw Link – olive scales with a stonewashed blade
  • Toor Knives Multi-Tool
  • Knipex Cobra XS pliers
  • Minimalist wallet
  • iPhone
  • Casio G-Shock Solar watch
  • Warrior Poet Key Lanyard
  • Toor Knives Thumper
  • OLIGHT I1R 2 Pro Eos 180 Lumens
  • Bandanna / handkerchief

That’s not everything. I also carry a backpack with all my work gear. That’s a whole other subject. It’s actually got me rethinking my entire EDC approach. I’m planning on reorganizing everything I carry. Once I do, I’ll be adding a new post on the process. So for now you can laugh at the nerd I’ve become. Until next time!