Defining the “Professional Homeowner”

The second you read that you probably recognized the reference. If not, then you are likely an East Coast man… If that doesn’t expose my stan for @Wranglestar, I don’t know what else will. Yes, I just used “stan” in a sentence.

“A man who is not afraid to take on a project, even though he is completely unqualified.”

~ Wranglestar

Why am I posting this?

Because the term struck a chord with me. I’ve been an adult for 20+ years, and in that time I’ve embarked on many different hobbies and interests. Each time I set out to learn something, or do something, I meet an ugly adversary – imposter syndrome. Like an anchor, imposter syndrome was there to keep me tethered in place and hold me back from embracing my passion. However, after each endeavor I could look back and see my accomplishments. This evidence of success began to silence my advisory’s voice.

Being a Professional

I’ve been, or currently hold position as a Youth Pastor, Photographer, Web Developer, Designer, Screen Printer, Janitor, Teacher, School Principle, Audio Engineer, Landscaper, Startup Founder, Digital Marketer, Bassist, Vocalist, Guitarist, Pianist, Drummer, Football Lineman, Weight Trainer, Missionary, Content Strategist, IT Consultant, System Admin, Florist, Video Producer, SEO Specialist, Carpenter, Woodworker, Auto Mechanic, Firearm Instructor, Private Investigator, Plumber, Appliance Technician, Family Councilor, Physician, Landlord, College Tutor, Worship Leader, Travel Coordinator, Event Planner, Groundskeeper, and this list probably goes on…

I signed a contract for each one of those positions, or received compensation for my services by a 3rd party. I’m not making up those positions. The only credentials I have is an Associate of Science in Computer Science Information Systems, and a certificate of Web Master from a community college.

My Qualifications

What gives me the right to bid for a job I’m not a qualified expert in? What if I mess something up? Do I have a contractor’s license or insurance? How could I meet the requirements for most of those positions without a 4-year degree or trade school?

Let me reassure you, I AM an expert. I am an expert steward. I was Homeschooled from grades 1-12. I was taught to observe, question, test, and iterate – not to pass standardized tests. I know how to learn, and learn well. I am a professional in anything I want to be. When I go to Home Depot, I go to the Pro Xtra checkout, and park in the Pro Xtra parking spaces. Knowledge is my limitation, and it’s broadly available. Discernment is my companion, helping me see through the fallacies. Wisdom is a gift that I cherish.

“You’re not a professional, you’re an imposter!”

I am not a fool, and I’m not perfect. I have failed many times, and each time my adversary mocks me. I have been led astray comparing myself to others, thinking their qualifications meant more than my experience. I will admit there are fields that require specific knowledge and understanding I am not prepared to learn. But could I learn to do them, would I be capable to reliably perform my duties. Would I be an imposter, or a professional?

PROFES’SIONAL, adjective Pertaining to a profession or to a calling; as professional studies, pursuits, duties, engagements; professional character or skill.

~ Websters Dictionary 1828

I’m a professional in many areas, as well as being a Professional Homeowner. I am not alone, there are many of you who are at war with our common adversary. Brothers, take heart, stand strong and reject the imposter syndrome and embrace your rightful title as a professional!