Episode 8 – The Lost Episode

Adam N' Pitch
Adam N' Pitch
Episode 8 - The Lost Episode

In this episode, Adam and Pitch engage in a lively and often humorous conversation about a variety of topics, including rent control, politics, music, and personal resolutions. They interrupt each other frequently and go off on tangents, but manage to offer thoughtful insights on the topics they discuss. The Adam and Pitch also touch on the issue of human trafficking and the importance of taking action to make a difference. Despite the occasional lighthearted tone, the conversation is engaging and entertaining, with Adam and Pitch offering their unique perspectives on a range of issues.

  • 00:00 – Using The Office To Create Clean Humor
  • 18:22 – Uncertainty Surrounding Arrest Of Andrew Tate: Is It A Conspiracy?
  • 25:29 – Adding Value To The World With Unique Voices
  • 31:35 – The Capabilities Of Ai Chat Bots: Crafting Human-readable Documents And Understanding Commands.
  • 37:55 – Discussion About Andrew Tate’s Appeal
  • 41:54 – Jesus Shows Mercy To Woman Caught In Adultery
  • 46:17 – Pool Party Talk About Doing Greater Things Than Jesus
  • 51:10 – Republicans Seek New Speaker Of The House, Consider Jim Jordan
  • 54:34 – Individual Voices Not Enough To Influence City Council Decisions
  • 59:36 – The Importance Of The First Amendment And The Right To Bear Arms, Historically In Fighting Tyranny, And The Need For Good People In Politics.