Episode 9 – A Year Later

Adam N' Pitch
Adam N' Pitch
Episode 9 – A Year Later

Join Adam and Pitch as they reflect on the past year, discuss manifestation and vision boards, share personal and professional updates, and talk about their involvement in music and creative projects. Tune in for an engaging, insightful conversation!

  1. Introduction and Greetings (0:00 – 2:00)
    • Adam and Pitch start the podcast with casual greetings.
    • They mention this being possibly their 20th episode and reflect on past episodes, including some they didn’t publish.
  2. Recap of Last Year (2:01 – 9:00)
    • Pitch discusses the difficult year of 2023, mentioning the loss of several family members.
    • He talks about dealing with grief and moving out of the family home after his grandfather passed away.
    • Reflections on family dynamics and personal growth during tough times.
  3. Changes and Improvements (9:01 – 12:30)
    • Adam and Pitch discuss life changes and improvements, such as becoming a homeowner.
    • Pitch mentions the significance of getting a home in California.
  4. Annual Recap Tradition (12:31 – 19:30)
    • Adam explains his tradition of writing an annual family update and sharing it through a blog.
    • Discussion about avoiding social media for personal updates and focusing on more private communication with family.
  5. Manifestation and Vision Boards (19:31 – 33:00)
    • The conversation shifts to the concept of manifestation and its validity.
    • Adam and Pitch debate the difference between spiritual manifestation and setting goals.
    • They discuss the effectiveness of vision boards and the psychological aspect of achieving goals.
  6. Personal Updates and Home Life (33:01 – 45:00)
    • Updates on their personal lives, including Adam’s experience of owning a home and managing family routines.
    • Adam shares about starting a YouTube channel focused on DIY projects and tools.
  7. Music and Worship (45:01 – 53:00)
    • Adam talks about his involvement in the church worship team and playing bass.
    • They discuss the importance of music in their lives and plans for future musical projects.
    • Use of vision boards in setting and achieving goals.
  8. Professional Life and Career Changes (53:01 – 1:00:00)
    • Adam shares his recent job change to Digital Operations Manager.
    • Discussion on career growth, future aspirations.
  9. Creative Projects and Future Goals (1:00:01 – 1:05:00)
    • Excitement for upcoming creative projects and goals.
    • Pitch talks about the importance of fulfilling personal life goals and staying aligned with their values.
    • Closing remarks and reflections on the podcast.