Overcoming Obstacles

Having been a while since I completed my last article, I was beginning to feel my new blog was a failure. My world as I knew it was fading away and I was being sucked into the abyss boredom and mediocrity. The day to day tasks were painting a gray lens over the world, and color was thing of the past. Contrast was dimming and the edges of light and darkness were fading into emptiness…

Overdramatic? Yup, it’s not that bad, but it’s not desirable either. How did I lose traction so quickly, why was it so hard to sit down and write a new post? I have plenty of material, is this whole blog thing something I really want to do? What is holding me back?

You Gotta Ask Yourself Questions

Asking yourself questions are the best method to troubleshoot the errors in your life. I hadn’t had the time to write because I was (still am in part) trapped in a labyrinth of obstacles. My ambition to be creative was pinned down by a horrific monster, I call him: Responsibility-thing. The mediocre responsibilities of maintenance, repetitive builds, and mundane development was sucking up all my creativity time and energy. My energy!

You Mean You Have Problems Too?

My problems, your problems, are many. How do we escape this labyrinth and do what we want to do? Strategy, my dear Watson, strategy! I heard a podcast by the folks at Jesus Culture, a podcast for those in leadership. The topic for March was Embracing the Process.  Discussing how to approach where we are now, and get to where our dreams would have us be. Liebscher goes into building the wall (a metaphor for whatever you’re currently dealing with) that’s right in front of you, rather than trying to focus on a task that’s out of reach. 

Nothing New, Tried and True

This isn’t really a new and revolutionary approach, but it did help me get a grip and go after those mundane obstacles with a better attitude. What I got out of it was I need to tackle each obstacle, each challenge, one at a time. 

Embrace Your Obstacle, and Punch Them In The Face!

If you have been struggling with a horde of obstacles, don’t give up! Giving up doesn’t do anything but delay the inevitable, you will have to face your obstacle eventually. Take it head on and thoroughly resolve it, embrace it!